John Cardillo,Canada's Premier Fitness trainer

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Throughout the last 30 years John Cardillo has been a household name in the health and fitness industry for his contributions to competitive body building; more specifically, Hi-intensity training and intermittent fasting. On top of that, Cardillo managed to build One of the worlds largest and most successful fitness clubs.

Coined as Canada's Premier Fitness trainer, John Cardillo had humble beginnings as a fitness trainer and transformed his body into one of the leanest physiques of all time with body fat down to the 2nd percent! After an impressive body building career and winning many competitions in Canada and the USA, Cardillo retired from bodybuilding at the age of 23.

His focus changed to from working on his own body to helping thousands of people work on their's. In the early 1990's, John started his fitness empire, creating over 35 locations throughout Ontario alone. He reached the pentacle of success in 2009 before overcoming a rare form of cancer. After selling his business in order to heal from his cancer treatments, John decided to go back to his roots and use his accumulative wisdom and methodologies that he gained over his career to construct the ultimate science backed combination of Hi-Intensity workout and intermittent fasting.

Read the Entire Q & A Here " Canada's Premier Fitness Expert - John Cardillo"

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