How my fitness assessment saved my life!

When I first joined Premier Fitness, I thought I was in good enough shape to start working out right away, as I had belonged to other gyms in the past. I was told I needed to take a fitness test as part of my membership. To my surprise, when the day came for my test, I was told I needed to see my doctor before I started exercising, as I had high blood pressure. What a surprise; I felt great. About a week later, I had my blood pressure checked again and was sent to the hospital for excessive blood pressure, and remained there for three days. I was the perfect one for a heart attack or stroke. As of now, I have it under control with the proper medication, and will someday be free of the pills with the proper exercise. I would have never known without my fitness test.
So, thanks Premier Fitness for possibly saving my life from the “silent killer.”

Bob Berge

St. Catharines

Premier Fitness Member


We received the unsolicited letter above from Bob Berge, a Premier Fitness member, who was informed by one of our kinesiologists during the course of a routine fitness assessment, that he had high blood pressure. It Is our practice and part of our new member protocol to conduct a fitness assessment on new members. When we discover medical concerns beyond what we can competently deal with, we refer the member to their doctor before recommending an exercise program.

We feel that this practice is the major difference between the Premier Fitness approach to health and fitness, compared to most other fitness clubs that tend to do little in the way of diagnostic testing before starting someone out on a fitness program. Mr. Berge’s experience is an example of how important a fitness assessment is for any non-exerciser who is eager to get started on a fitness program. This is the same case for many people as part of their New Year’s resolutions. At Premier Fitness, John Cardillo set in place a system of mandatory fitness assessments and are now a cornerstone of our philosophy. Anything less than a proper assessment is irresponsible, and can be dangerous, or even fatal, to a new exerciser, as well as financially catastrophic for the fitness club.

We are pleased that this member was able to receive proper advice from our Health Centre department, and we hope that this medical intervention will lead Mr. Berge to enjoy a long, healthy and fit life.

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