How to STay fit during covid 19

Updated: Mar 5, 2021


2020 was nothing short of a terrible year with more ups than downs for the most of us. Society might have slowed down and many of our regular routines have been halted or changed completely, however our lives still continue. With Gyms and Canada's Premier fitness centers closed (Such as John Cardillo Premier Fitness Clubs) and some of cities facing stay at home orders, finding ways to stay in shape during the pandemic is become a crisis in itself. Here is a list of ideas of how to stay fit during the pandemic

Body Weight Workouts

Bodyweight workouts truly never fail. That's why its the first on this list. When all else fails and your do not have access to any weights or machines, and the best part is that body weight workouts can be virtually completed anywhere! Some of the most popular bodyweight workouts include:






leg lifts


wall sits

Can you think of anymore? Let us know in the comment section!

Creative Cardio

Another way to stay in shape during the pandemic is finding creative ways to weight train, and perform cardio and fat burning exercises, especially if you are locked down in your home. Above all else, cardiovascular exercise is the most important aspect to a healthy active lifestyle and contributes most to leading a long, healthy life. Something as simple as running up and down the stairs or going from a push up position to standing and repeat are simple ways to get your heart rate up and calories burnt. Lets not forget about the good old "running on the spot" and jumping jacks or if you have a big enough space, running or jogging. You can get really creative by using household objects to assist in cardio or overall workout routine. A popular example is Filling up old laundry detergent bottles with water which can substitute for dumbbells. Although we may be limited in our options, its important to remember its better to to make the most of what we have to get some sort of workout rather than none at all.

Reps Reps Reps....and Little Rest

Lets face it, most of us don't have the room to replace what we would find at your favourite fitness center in our homes. For those who do, they often are limited to the amount of weight they fit in the space they have. If your low on weights, or even if you just have your body weight, doing maximum repetitions until muscular exhaustion, produces similar results as if you had more weight. John Cardillo, Canada's premier fitness trainer and entrepreneur is an inventor of the hi intensity variant called the HIT3 workout. He advocates for hi intensity training on another level. His method includes only one long intense, exhausting repetition!

Avoid Boredom Eating!

With too much time on our hands during the pandemic, overeating can be easily developed as a means of conquering boredom. Its always a good idea to create a diet for yourself to keep your health in check. You could pay more attention to your overall caloric, fat, sugar and carbohydrate intake with all the excess time. Making healthy food choices also contributes to monitoring your meals. Check the sugar, fat and sodium levels to the daily limit!

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