dont avoid stetching: its more important than you think!

Why stretching is important

Stretching is important and everyone should be doing it. Stretching builds flexibility which in turn prevents tightness and helps you maintain a range of motion in the joints. You should be most concerned about stretching If your job consists of sitting at a desk everyday, as your muscles will tighten up making it harder to fully extend your leg once your shift is over. This also puts you at risk for over stretching or tearing your muscles, if you participate in physical activity where your leg could be over extended. This could also lead to a potential joint injury.

What Muscles Should I Stretch?

It is great to stretch out every muscle we have, however there are key muscles that should be stretched regularly as these muscles are essential to balance, mobility and longevity. The most important areas to stretch are where the most movement takes place. Start with your legs. Hamstrings, quads, calves, and your mid section, pelvis area, neck and shoulder joints. Stretching is most beneficial first thing in the morning or after long periods of sedentary activities.

JOhn cardill's premier fitness advice

John Cardillo, the premier fitness trainer of Canada, knows the importance of stretching during his bodybuilding career. In order to handle the load of his rugged hi-intensity training routines, John Cardillo made certain to stretch keeping his muscles flexible!

Benefits of Stretching

Stretching is beneficial for many reasons and should be a continual practice in our lives. If your just beginning to stretch, don't expect instant results. Depending on how long you have refrained from physical activity or stretching will likely determine how long it will take to establish or regain flexibility again. Typically, it takes weeks or months of consistency to achieve a noticeable change in your flexibly. Studies say that the a proper stretch should last 15-30 seconds slowly and not in a jerking motion to prevent injury.

There is much debate about if stretching is supposed to be done before or after a workout. Despite conflict, even in the scientific community, the core importance is that your daily routine should include stretching, regardless if you lift weights or not.

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