premier ways fitness centers let their members down

Updated: Mar 3, 2021


January 2nd gyms across the country are bombarded with new members. In fact, for the gym industry, January is the most profitable month, by far! But all isn't sunshine and rainbows because this short term trend is always followed by a great falling away where members lose interest and become discouraged and eventually stop going to the gym.. This begs the question, what is causing this great falling away?

The truth is that gyms are failing their members. The premier root of the fitness problem lies in the lack of effort and care in the following areas.

1, Sub Par Fitness Assessments

2. Lack of Qualified Trainers & Nutritionists

3. Lack of member engagement

These are the pillars of creating consistency is new gym members. The people who come to gym and need it the most depend on these crucial components to keep them coming back and believing in themselves.

Find out the other premier ways that fitness clubs fail their members, by John cardillo here!

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